150 years of human adventure

There are numerous varieties of bamboo at la Bambouseraie but also trees, remarkable by both their size and longevity.

A rich 150 years history... from 1856 to present day...

When you step into La Bambouseraie it may feel like a place that has always existed. In fact it was created in 1856 by the force of one man named Eugène Mazel. A passionate botanist, he planted his first species on the Estate in 1856 by acclimatizing species from countries such as China, Japan, North America and the Himalayas.

Since 1902 the Nègre family manage La Bambouseraie and have developed it's infrastructure in order to open the garden to the pubic and also to develop and vary its many plantations.

1856 : creation of exotic garden by the botanist Eugène Mazel.

1890 : Estate bought by the Credit Foncier after the death of Eugène Mazel.

1902 : Aquisition of The Estate by Gaston Nègre.

1945 : Maurice Nègre, an agricultural engineer, inherits Estate.

1953 : The gardens open to the public and are used as a location for a french film by Henri-Clouzot starring Yves Montand and Charles Vanel "Le Salaire de la Peur".

1956 : Frost kills many of plantations. Only the bamboos and the trees resist.

1960 : Janine Nègre takes of the management of the Estate after he death of her husband. She bequeaths the Estate to Muriel, her daughter in 1977 who develops it into a tourist destination with her husband.

2000 : The Chinese Year of The Dragon, Erik Borja presents the Dragon Valley Project.

2004 : Muriel Nègre take over as the Director of La Bambouseraie and develops it into a melting pot for meetings and exhibitions.

2005 : La Bambouseraie is listed as a            by The Ministère de la Culture.

2006  : 150th anniversary of La Bambouseraie.

2008 : La Bambouseraie is added to the list of (historical Monuments)

2012 : La Bambouseraie added to the European Charter for sustainable tourism