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The Camelia and The bamboo collections

In March the first camelia flowers indicate the arrival of Spring at La Bambouseraie.

The Palm pathway

This species planted by Eugène Mazel has propogated and there are now a multitude of young palms that are dotted amongst the bamboos.

Eugene's water garden

Eugene's water garden recently renovated and re-opened to visitors in 2014 is the result of a collaboration with the landscape architect Marine...

The Mazel greenhouses

When they were first built these greenhouses were dedicated to cultivating fragile species.

The Gloriette and The Japanese garden

In the Far East the lotus symbolises purity.

The Labyrinth

Finding your way around the bamboo labyrinth is a fun moment for all !

The Sequoia trees

The name sequoia comes from The Indien Chief Sequoyab ( 1770-1843) the inventor of the cherokee alphabet.

The Laotian village

Mid-way along the Sequoia path, an Asian village awaits you. We are fortunate enough to have a Laotian member of staff on our team who contributed...

The Farmhouse

All the principal paths lead back to this ancient cevenol building whose date of origin is unknown.

Bamboo giants

This giant has stood the test of time for 700 million years ! It was even present in the dinosaur age. Certain specimens here at La Bambouseraie can...