The Dragon valley

The layout of Chinese and Japanese gardens are always based around water, and it is this that determines the form, dimension and style of the garden.

The Dragon Valley,  a work of art by Erik Borja

In the year 2000 The Chinese year of The Dragon, the french sculptor and landscape architect Erik Borja proposes an amazing project-the creation of a valley of 15000m2. The meandering river Gardon is transformed into the shape of a mythical dragon. 

Vue aérienne du Vallon du Dragon


A creation inspired by the traditional art of Japanese gardens

Applying the strict guidelines of Japanese gardens and zen Erik Borja a french landscape gardener from the Drome area of France adapts these principles to the environment and the cevenol climate. The banks of the valley, bordered by rocks are planted with flamboyantly coloured japanese maples, cloud trees as well as dwarf bamboos.

The breath of the dragon creates a body of water straddled by The Japanese style Red Phoenix Pavilion. From the perspective of the pavilion we can admire the beautiful marriage of water, mineral and vegetable. The rustling of leaves, the ripple of the water and the shadows that reflect all that surrounds it. These elements make this a unique destination for meditation.

"This place is a great anti-stress remedy. Its immense silence is calming and the combination of unusual species, light and shadows encourages well-being. The visitors come here hurried and impatient and leave relaxed and at ease."

Muriel Nègre-CEO.