Ginkgo biloba

Also known as 'the tree with 40 coins' because of its leaves that turn golden in the Autumn.

The Gingko biloba originates from China and has existed for more that 250 million years. It can survive for more than 2000 years but its growth is slow.

The Ginkgo biloba, an exceptional tree

A powerful and hardy specimen

This tree is extremely resistant to pollution and fire. In case of a fire the gingko biloba dilates its bark and covers the whole of it's trunk with a protective rubber which prevents it from burning (fire-retardant sap).

This tree can resist the biggest human catastrophes, even Hiroshima ! This was proved in the year following the Hiroshima explosion, even though all the surrounding vegetation ahd burnt, by Springtime the ginkgo biloba had grown, despite intense radioativity in the region this time.

The Gingko is well known for its exceptional resiliance and its medicinal virtues and because of this is of great interest to scientists.

Uses :

The wood from this tree is of high quality and is widely used. It is especially favoured in China and Japan for fabricating the altars of buddhist temples.