The Laotian village

Mid-way along the Sequoia path, an Asian village awaits you. We are fortunate enough to have a Laotian member of staff on our team who contributed greatly to this project as did the other members of the team. This village has been reconsituted carefully according to the architecture and decoration of traitional Laotian habitats.

The Laotian village and paddy fields

The plantations that surround the village are inspired also by Asian landscapes and vegetation that is native to Laos: bananas, taros, sugar cane, these things remind us that vegetables can be cultivated in may different ways and the edible complements perfectly the ornamental.

Different uses for bamboo:

Bamboo as a construction material

The bambo is naturally a very solid material beacuse it is hollow. It is still used today to construct buildings. bamboo is as robust as steel and can even be used to reinforce concrete. It can replace metal branches as it can offer an exceptional resistance, the bamboo can therefore replace steel in scaffolding for example. The bamboo can be used as a raw material.

Today, famous architects such as Simon Vélez use bamboo in contemporary constructions. If you wish to know more about this architect's work we can recommend his book entitled: Grow your own house.

Objects made using bamboo

A multitude of household objects are made from bamboo, over 12,000 different ones have been noted. A book which regroups these uses is: The book of bamboo, by David Farrelly.

It is an ideal material for basket making and for fabricating household objects such as plates, cups, kitchen utensils but also for furniture. 

It can also be used to write and to make musical instruments. Bamboo is indispensable !